Creative Residency Barbican Theatre, Plymouth

Artistic Team Tony Adigun and Sara Gordon battled against all of nature’s elements to make an epic journey to Plymouth to deliver a creative residency with some of the most talented dancers from the area. The continuous rain, South-West storms, horrendous flooding, or the non stop advice to turn back from could put off our determined team as they made their way to the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth for three days. The dancers had been auditioned and carefully selected to work with the team. They underwent gruelling training in musicality, learnt company repertoire and were creatively challenged with choreo tasks in order to create a unique Bonus Track* that showcases their strengths and creativity, in true AG style. The piece was embedded in The Black Album show, and was presented as part of the professional show to a sell out audience.

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Artistic Director Tony Adigun commented: “The dancers were excellent to work with- enthusiastic and hardworking. Many of them came from a classical contemporary background, so we have really created a bespoke B-side, which is truly unique to them. It sat really well in the show and the audience loved it.”

As part of The Black Album tour, Avant Garde Dance are delivering creative residencies with talented dancers in the areas we are visiting. We are giving the young and talented dancers the opportunity to learn our repertoire, style and technique and work with us to create a ‘bonus track’ performance that forms part of the concept album show. The Artistic Team used the same music, but the choreography dramatically changed according to who they are working with. The piece not just a curtain raiser, this is embedded into the middle of the show and makes every show we do completely unique to the location. We have now done bonus tracks with Pavilion Dance, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth and The Point, Eastleigh. The format is simple but it makes every show wonderfully unique – which adds the adventure and ambition AG are known for!

Tonight has been one of the best nights ever, feel hugely privileged to be a part of Avant Garde Dance’s ‘The Black Album. LOVED performing ‘The Bonus Track’ & want to say a HUGE thank you toTony, Sara , Corinne & Jules for creating & working with us on such a wicked piece/making it all be possible.Feeling massively inspired by the A.G. pieces, they were unsurprisingly phenomenal and I had goosebumps!”

Kane Mills- Workshop Participant Plymouth

Barbican Theatre, Plymouth Creative Residency