Produced by East London Dance and held at Stratford Circus.

Running time – 2hr 20m
Premiere – 2007

Photo Credit: Alex Rumford

‘Collabo provides a refreshing alternative to many dance shows and invites top UK dancers to work together, resulting in astounding performances.’
Naomi Lloyd, Pappzd

This annual festival invites the UK’s finest hip-hop choreographers and performers to collaborate and create innovative dance hybrids or to provide dance interpretations of music produced by Mikey J Asante.

Born through Adigun’s drive to bring together companies from different dance worlds and to create greater union in the UK’s hip-hop dance scene. This kind of collaboration leads choreographers down creative paths they would never normally have considered and results in some inspiring work.

Hosted by Ricky Norwood, 2015 will be its 8th year.

Collabo’s 2014

Botis Seva & Duwane Taylor
Mindtrick & Kieran Lai
Rachael Kay and Company
House All Stars
Definitives & Moving Productions

Interpretations 2014

Kloe Dean

Special Guests 2014

Mr. Bowlers Company
Alias LDN
Ruff Diamond
Company 68
Avant Garde Dance
Soul Mavericks
Xellorate Dance Company

Collabo’s 2013

Emer Walch & Slum Civillians
Godson & Rhimes Lecointe(Boadicea)
Shun & Jacque Price

Interpretations 2013

Buckness Personified
The Dark Elite

Special Guests 2013

Lukas McFarlane
GTD Supercrew
Avant Garde Dance

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‘Collabo’ is available to tour as a show that acts as a tool to bring dance communities together to collaborate with each other, develop and learn new skills. AGDC will work with all the company’s involved, curate the evening and tour with a minimum of two London companies.
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