Commissioned by Breakin’ Convention and Parc de La Villette France.

Running time – 20min
Premiere – 2011

Omi explores the complexity of water: a natural and fundamental element that is essential for life but which also has the power to take it away. This performance by five international male dancers is about the sensuality of water and its potential for beauty as well as darkness.The relationship between man and this life-giving force are demonstrated through physicality and symbolism.

This work was commissioned by Breakin’ Convention and Parc de La Villette France and presented at Breakin’ Convention 2012 at Lilian Baylis Theatre.


Choreography: Tony Adigun
Lighting Design: Lee Curran
Dancers: Aziz Baki, Salomon Baneck Asaro, Kiel Ewen, Gianni Grot, Marso Riviere


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