Silver Tree

Silver tree toured in the UK and internationally between 2009 – 2011

Running time – 35min
Premiere – 2009 – 2011

Silver Tree unites hip-hop dance and the art of the Chinese pole to create a striking performance of acrobatic choreography. These two disciplines might seem like unusual allies but they demand a similar level of physical dexterity and expression.

Inspired by the theme of caged birds the artists climb, swing and twist around two Chinese poles, and this exploitation of the vertical as well as the horizontal allows for some spectacular tableau.

Silver tree has toured to music festivals, town centres, cultural events, outdoor arts festivals and venues across the UK and Internationally between 2009 – 2011


Artistic Director: Tony Adigun
Assistant Director: Sara Gordon
Dancers: Sara Gordon, Letitia Simpson, Colleen Joseph, Gemma Paloma, Kate McWilliam.
Producer: Remarkable Productions


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